go ask alice

For the uninitiated, that's Alice.

Alice was far and away the most incredible plot-point of the second Transformers movie, for one simple reason: Any red-blooded American male between the ages of 15 and 35 would betray friends, family, country, and planet for a few minutes alone with Alice.
MEGATRON: Tell you what, kid. You tell me where the secret weapon is, I give you Alice.
SAM: OK, deal (pauses) but I want some kind of extended warranty or service agreement or something, because I am gonna break it.
AUDIENCE: This movie is much more believable than the first one.

SO, why am I talking about a movie that hit theaters months ago? Revenge of the Fallen concept artist Ben Procter just released a number of previously-unseen design drawings for some of the movie's most memorable characters, including Devastator, the Doctor, and more. What caught my eye, however, was the early Alice concept art, below.


CLICK HERE to jump to Ben Procter's TFW2005 art gallery, and see for yourself what enviable artistic talents and geeky interests nets you.

The stills at the top of this post are from this great Gizmodo article covering all the CGI work involved in turning Isabel Lucas into Decepticon Pretender Alice - easily one of the most intense (and expensive!) 2 seconds in movie history.


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