welcome back and take some chances

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and I've decided to hide behind the "my internet's down" excuse - but that's only been part of the problem. The other part of the problem is me, which is to say: it's been a few weeks since I decided to care about anything.

It's funny, though, the things that snap you back to being you and get you to get off your behind and get to work, you know?

Of course you do.

With that, let me introduce Kate Micucci, who delivers all of the whimsical happy of Kimya Dawson, without any of the potato-face.


Still, it wasn't Kate's cutie-pie smile or voice or song lyrics that got me all motivated. It was jealousy.

That's right: I'm jealous of Kate Micucci ... because she builds bitchin' sandcastles.

Kate Micucci: 1, Jo Borras: 0.

Expect another letter this week, Chicago.

The rest of you, enjoy the video (below) from one of Kate's live performances in LA. Once you're done with that, go do something awesome ... maybe build a sandcastle of your own, or fly a kite in the rain, or kick some idiot down a flight of stairs.

Whatever makes you happy.

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