mike plays with legos | part i

Fresh from the pages of Super Punch, this rocket-powered garbage truck is 7 kinds of awesome, and just the kind of thing my buddy Mike would love to have in his office. Behind closed doors, I bet he'd even make space noises and fly it around the room. Maybe he'd make a "beep beep" sound as it back up ... like your mom.

OUCH! Sorry, that's not me - that's too much Geekologie slipping to the surface (I love that guy!).

Check out more shots of Marcin ImpreSariO's kickass rocket-dumpster, from his Flickr account, below.


That is a metric s***ton of rocket engines back there!

I wonder if they're garbage-powered, like Doc Brown's DeLorean or that Honda I wrote about on the GO blogs ... this might be a good article for GO after all!

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