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You've got to hand it to the guys at Jalopnik. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year they keep finding the most goofy awesome automotive videos on the interwebs ... and this video, with its inexplicable "action" cut at 0:35, is no exception.


I have no idea what the video is supposed to be showing us, other than the obvious: a bunch of German microcars engaged in some kind of dirt-track death race to the tune of an all-banjo soundtrack.

Going a step beyond the obvious, however, Jalopnik seems to have made sense of the film, claiming that the movie's synopsis - when run through Google - translates to the following:
Earth has rotated so many times around the sun that has reached the early 1960s. Martin, Blue, Rami and Bambi elelev├Ąt sand pits cut through the mass of a country village haaveineen. Martin would like a career musician, Blue to build a career in fashion models in Helsinki , Rami miss working Bambilla rally star and future plans are still open. Between the monitored luihun pop boss, the movie "bad guy", attempts to find new lead singer promises...Young people can not agree, however, to focus on kuhinointiin can breathe, as the rally Ramin dreams of kingship to be tuned ajokaluaan victory Bambi wants to get in shape and out of small rural village surroundings. He has a good singing voice, which she wins the popular song contest. But the organizer of the competition starts to harass Bambia car's back seat and the girl's pop star dreams of flowing tears in the sand.

The world kinda makes sense a little more sense now, doesn't it?

You're welcome.

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  1. In the UK there are similar races using old 'Robin' cars made by the 'Reliant Motor Company' that take place even today. The Robin is not the sort of car you want to race as it only has 3 wheels (one at the front), is top heavy, completely unstable when going round corners and prone to going into roll mode as it hits the slightest of curves.