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It's been a November here at Speedriven, and we've been pushing forward with our first batch of "production-ready" turbo upgrades (shown, above).

As you can see, the Speedriven Mercedes turbos feature all-new billet wheels, as well as re-machined housings and manifolds, which are then ceramic-coated to further improve the upgraded turbos' thermal efficiency. Every moving part is new or re-worked, and every static part is machined, honed, or coated to deliver the best possible response without heat-soaking after long runs.

Speedriven's billet-wheel turbo upgrades are also listed on the products page over at Speedriven.com, and are now available for all 2003+ biturbo V12 Mercedes, AMG, and Maybach cars, starting at 5990 USD for the turbos + tune.

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