hartmut's b****

As many of you probably know, I spent a few years working for Hartmut Feyhl over at RENNtech in South Florida. I made a lot of good friends working there, but there's been just too much bad blood (and mental instability) on the part of the ownership there for me to stay on their good side.

All the same, I never bad-mouthed RT on the forums. I never spoke about them at all, actually, unless specifically asked or provoked.

Earlier today, however, someone I introduced myself to responded with "I remember you. You used to be Hartmut's bitch."

:: pauses for dramatic effect ::

This, of course, did not sit well with me.

A short while later, someone sent this little nugget of comedic gold to my inbox. The planets thus aligned, I decided to post it here immediately.

You know how people talk about not burning bridges? This is me fire-bombing those bridges from a Fairchild Republic A-10.


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