a funny thing happened


In my last post, I mentioned that I'd been neglecting Sunshine a bit - which is true. The flip side of that statement is that I've been focusing my energies elsewhere. Namely: Speedriven (of course) and Gas 2.0, which has a steadily-growing audience many thousands strong. Granted, Gas 2.0 is a long way behind big car sites like Autoblog and Jalopnik, but it has its niche and fills it well, I think.

Over the past few years that I've been writing for Gas 2.0, I've posted a number of stories I found neat. Compelling, even. It was a bit of a surprise, then, when a quick article I wrote about a recycle and renovated Airstream trailer became the most wildly popular post on the site, generating almost 30,000 page-views within 24 hours of being posted.

Good news, for sure - but not at all expected.

What was it about the RV post that caused such a stir? No idea, but I tried to recapture some of the headline magic a few days later with only limited success. I'll keep trying, though (hard to keep a good car man down) and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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