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I assume that anyone with a vivid imagination already has a bucket list - and owning Kohler's new $6,400 Numi toilet has sky-rocketed to the top of mine.

Granted, some might say that the Numi completely ostentatious and unnecessary - but I choose to follow the philosophy of Hank Scorpio, who seized the Eastern seaboard but still had time to teach us that "it's the little things that make up life." So it is that - while this nanny toilet may be a little thing in the cosmic sense, a relatively insignificant piece of luxe design in the grand scheme of metaphysical manifestation, or (if you're a real party-pooper) just a toilet - the ability to listen to good music and have hot and cold air blown up your bum does seem to have some real merit and real value.

Sure, I could feed an African shanty town for a month (or Sally Struthers, for a week) with that $6,400, but chances are that if I have the means to buy the Numi, I will also have the means to buy said shanty town a Numi toilet of its own. As the saying goes, "give a man a toilet, and he won't poop on a dirt floor. Give the man the Numi toilet, and he'll charge for rides on the thing."

Thanks to our friends at Gizmodo for the straight poop (see what I did there?).

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