tiny penguin pancakes


Everyone has a culinary degree these days, but at least TinyPenguininja is using his (hers?) for a noble purpose: a helping of SQUEE!, served one tiny plate at a time.

On the one hand, I love small things. Teacup Yorkies? Yes, please. Two inch Siberian hamsters nom-ing mini carrots? Affirmative. A herd of pastel colored baby bunnies yawning in unison? Perfection! Tiny blueberry pancake + lil' bitty bits of bacon + quail eggs, over-medium? I'm not 100% on this one, but give it a moment.

I've learned a precious few things during my 25 years on the planet (the 4-year anniversary of her 25th birthday is coming up fast, guys! - Ed.), but I've picked up enough to question the mental state of anyone dedicating themselves to cutting tiny circles out pepperoni slices to create the ultimate mini pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

SO, with that, I've decided against sending my phone number.

Did you hear that, TinyPenguininja? NO SOUP FOR YOU! ... unless you look like Sean Connery in Zardos, that is ... then, I dunno. Facebook me or something. We'll talk.

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