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I read about it. I watch movies about it. I tell stories about it. Hell, I have whole friendships that are based on it. There is no question, then: I love Formula 1.

Formula 1 is a huge part of my life. On some days, I even imagine that it embodies the very essence of competition, ingenuity, and bravery. Early in those pre-dawn mornings, watching the races live on BBC, I can even convince myself that Formula 1 is the physical manifestation of man's highest ideals ...

... that's before the coffee kicks in and I come to my senses, of course. Formula 1 is just a show, after all; but it is one hell of a show - and the stars of the show, guys like Fernando Alonso and Kamui Kobayashi, are my heroes. Recently, I've added another name to my list of favorites: Sergio Perez.

This Saturday at Monaco, Perez was in a horrific crash that saw his Sauber slap into the safety barriers at terrifying speeds.

Watching it live, I was sure he was dead.

Watch it yourself - how would you like to go through this?


Sergio Perez, of course, did not die. Perez lived, suffering only a minor concussion and a few sprains - which is awesome, because I've been through a lot these past few weeks, and I don't think I could have handled that.

So, in a rare expression of gratitude, I'm going to thank the cosmos for keeping one of my guys alive.

Awesome stuff, universe. Thank you.

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