classy paint | supercar weekend 09 | part iii

The abomination above has gotten lots of press over the past year or two - known as "the tattoo Lambo", this horror has been vandalized from stem to stern by someone with too much time and way Way WAY too many Sharpie markers.

You'd think this kind of homage to poor taste and America's sub-par public school systems would be the worst thing at this year's Palm Beach Supercar Weekend, but you'd be wrong ...

THIS tacky horror was at the show, easily gaining top (?) honors for tackiest, most pretentious automotive paint-job in all of South Florida.

I've covered this Britto abortion before HERE, but calling out a doucher like this for having the stones to treat this 2D betsy-wetsy crap like high art is never something I'll get tired of.

Simply put, this Britto Audi A4 is NOT a product of great taste ... but what about a CAVI-sponsored Radical?

It says right on the hood, "A Product of Great Taste". Which, of course, doesn't need to be said - because NOTHING says class like a red, yellow, gray, and purple painted SR8 track-rat with generic level 2 "Crown Royal" logos all over it, right?


HOWEVER - if nothing says class like red, yellow, gray, and purple painted track-rat with generic level 2 "Crown Royal" logos all over it, you can bet that you need a super Classy guy to drive the thing, no?

Enter: the Prince.

This is Prince Olav von something-or-other, and he is a for-real Prince. You can tell, because his heavily embroidered shirt has his name on the right breast, a CRAZY complicated generic level 3 "Crown Royal" logo over the right arm and left breast, and (of course!) the word "Royal" on the left sleeve.

I haven't masked his appearance to respect his anonymity, I did it because I still cannot bring myself to look this guy in the eye.

Pointing and laughing is another matter altogether.


  1. Ugh...Britto "art," Prince Von Sphincter's catcher's mitt tan and horrific foil highlights! The essence of South Florida.

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