do not sponsor | supercar weekend 09 | part ii

I admit, I struggled with these Supercar Weekend follow-up posts. Sure, there were more than a few Joey Buttafucho level douchebags running around Temerian's otherwise excellent event, but this is an exotic car pissing contest in the heart of Palm Beach, so that's to be expected, right?


Still, some of these jerks really are worse than others ... and I've decided to point out some of the worst offenders, starting (above) with "Johnny B Racing".

First, a professional warning: do not sponsor Johnny B Racing.

I do not know Johnny B. He may be a class guy, when he's not feeling the need to tell you he's Johnny B (baby). He may even be a past or future customer (there are LOTS of Johnny Bs in the world, and about as many V8 Ferraris, as well). Of course, you know he's not, but that's not why I'm issuing the warning.

Simply: I don't think this guy can drive a stick.

At about 9:00am, this guy rolled his semi-generic "number 96" Ferrari (at a show like this, a Modena or F430 really is pretty generic) and immediately began REVVING THE EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF THE ENGINE FOR A FULL 10 MINUTES.

This was not "racecars are hard to drive slow" revving. This was full-on "Special Olympics 500" jamming the throttle WFO to make sure everyone within 3 miles turns and looks at the Johnny B Racing trailer.

Times are tough, people, and there are plenty of high-class guys out there who won't blow your hard-earned sponsorship dollars on clutches, plugs, and top-shelf race fuel at shows like this.

More Palm Beach Supercar Douchebags to come. Enjoy the lawsuits!

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