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It took me more than a full year to reach Sunshine's 100th post, and less than 5 months to get to 200. With all that's happened in the past 100 posts, I think it's time to sit back and reflect a bit.

First, Sunshine has begun to enjoy some real successes, with references on the Scooterscoop and Neatorama (two of my all-time favorite sites), as well as something approaching a regular readership!

Second, my recent coverage of the 2009 Palm Beach Supercar douchebags produced another, more personal sort of victory for me just this morning! Go click over there, and see if you catch it.

It's OK, I'll wait.

Did you see it?

Right, there, in the comments, Alex writes "I heard Alex Papas from South Florida Toys brought over 100 Lamborghini's and Ferrari's to the Pam Beach Supercar weekend he is the one that should talked about. He puts on the the best events in South Florida."

That's right, people. Alex Papas wrote that he'd heard (somewhere!) that Alex Papas had brought over 100 Lambos to "the PAM Beach Supercar weekend" .. then practically DARES me to call him out on his bad spelling and crap grammar by saying HE is the one who should be talked about!


OK, here's the deal: Papas really did bring 100 cars to the event, and this year's show would have SUCKED without his involvement ... but that referring to himself in the third-person baloney HAS GOT TO GO.

SO, there's your 5 minutes of "fame" on Sunshine ... is it all you dared hope?


As exciting as all this sounds, however, I should point out that it's not all cashews and honeydews here at Sunshine. Indeed, I was recently told that I should tone down "that nerdy bullsh*t" and get back to writing "more badass sh*t".

Well, you can bet I have a response to THAT, too!

That's right, you bastards! Sunshine - like the blogging medium, itself - isn't about giving the people what they want, it's about giving the people what I want - I want more homoerotic 80's dance/Star Trek mash-ups!

I love it when Spock gives Kirk those eyes, don't you?

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed the last 200 posts. I hope you'll all stick around for the next few hundred, since I Seriously intend to peg the whathef*ckometer on 11 here very soon, and have no intention of going back.

So, to all my readers, I love you all! Now, if I could only get you to click on some freakin' ads ...

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