bring on the apocalypse: t800 diesel motorcycle

From Gas 2.0.

Despite the latest advancements in automotive hybrid and flex-fuel technologies, motorcycles and scooters remain one of the most efficient ways for energy-conscious commuters to get around town. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any real “alt fuel” options open to motorcyclists. As such, despite the incredible efficiency of some 2-wheelers (my own Honda Ruckus gets over 100 mpg), motorcycles remain petroleum-dependent gas addicts. They may be sippers - rather than guzzlers - but still, that will be cold comfort when the oil runs out and we're all scrambling for vegetable oil and kerosene to power our generators.

Enter Europe’s EVA, manufacturers of the Track T800CDI diesel motorcycle - a bike so full of exotic features and new technology that I’m almost at a loss for words … almost.

CLICK HERE for more apocalypse-baiting specs and pictures.

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