sunshine theme week | godzilla | part ii

Sure, you WANT an R35 "Godzilla" GTR, but let's face it: the most technologically advanced supercar in the history of technologically advanced supercars doesn't exactly lend itself to enthusiasts who find themselves saddled with a wife, a dog, and 2.5 kids.

What to do?

For all you Godzillas running around with a few little Minyas of your own, it's time to round up one of Nissan's Stagea wagons and take it over to Japanese drift-masters Kids Heart.


Kids Heart will turn that Stagea into a pretty respectable-looking R35 Godzilla wagon. Dr. Jones (der Wagonmeister) would be proud.

CLICK HERE for the original post on the GTR blog, which links over to the Nagoya Auto Trends site and more J-pop than anyone should ever be exposed to.


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