the didorosi adventures | part i

"Didorosi," I hear you ask, "what the heck is that!?"

"Didorosi" is a Jalopnik and Hell for Leather writer I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago during our frigid Beaverun/Switzer GTR trackday adventure (covered by Andy HERE, and me HERE). We ate at Oberlin's FEVE and mapped out a daring (?), tequila-fueled raid on the US-Mexico border towns over stinky tots, greasy burgers, and waitress Liz - and the Lord looked down upon our little table there at the Feve, and saw that it was good.

Now, though, Andy's earned himself a few more points - by driving a freakin' Ducati through a shopping mall!

Sure, it's probably all trick photography and long-exposure shots, but that shopgirl (below) seems perilously close to Andy's junk - and THAT, dear readers, is what riding a Ducati is all about.

Oh, yes!

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