a new hope


Any day that starts off with a new Lancia is a good day, but a day that starts out with a new pad, a surprisingly competent McBarista, and a reason to wake up in the morning a new Lancia Stratos is certainly one for the books.

I won't lie, I've been going through a lot these last few months. Some good, of course, but mostly digging myself from one rut into another ... but Lancia Stratos' have (historically) proven to be especially good at getting from rut to rut in record time. This new Stratos prototype was caught testing around Fiat's corporate proving grounds, and (being powered, potentially, by a Multi-air version of Fiatsler's new Phoenix V6 engine) might prove to be the quickest Lancia yet!

I'll definitely be revisiting this new Lancia soon, I hope. For now, though, I'll have to be happy just looking at the pretty picture and watching some historic Stratos racing footage. Thanks to Ray Wert and the guys at Jalopnik for making my day.

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