the goldilocks car


One of the reasons I've been hiding from Sunshine as long as I have is that we've been running around like mental patients eight-year-olds trying to get. Things. Done. And yes, I know that. Writing. Like. This. doesn't emphasize what I'm trying to say any more than it makes my computer sound like that asthmatic kid from Malcolm in the Middle, but (dammit, man!) I am tired.

As far excuses for being tired go, though, I'm sure that jamming a massive, 875 hp (700+ whp) V12 into a relatively small E Class Mercedes ranks right up there with "dude, she's a machine!" for acceptability, so I'll get right to the point: this is "the Goldilocks car", and it is what happens when the C class is too small, the S class is too big, and the SLR McLaren 722GT is too motherloving SLOW. There's a full press release and photo-gallery over at Speedriven.com, but you can CLICK HERE to jump right to it.


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