busy bees

In the past 6 weeks (since this) I have criss-crossed the country several times, put thousands of miles on the Routan, signed papers, written checks, and consumed ungodly amounts of coffee at several of this nation's finest rest-stops.

Why have I been doing all this?

There are many answers (as is the way of such things) but I've narrowed it down to the two most simple and obvious answers:
  • I'm moving to be closer to my son.

  • It's all part of the 5-year plan.

The part about being close to my boy should be pretty self-explanatory. Living in Florida with him and his mom in California was tough, but living in Ohio with them in Chicago (so close, yet so far) was unbearable. Now I'm in the same state, close by, and planning to become a much bigger part of his life ... which will be good for us both, I hope.

That second part about the 5-year plan is a bit trickier to explain, but over the course of the next few days (think "Texas Mile") all will be revealed.

SO, stay tuned for some philosophy, tuning, and more wikked-sikk project cars from all involved.

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