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Despite holding the Mercedes-Benz standing-mile record at 197.7 mph, Speedriven is still a relatively unknown name outside of MBWorld's tuning forums.

Believe me: being unknown sucks.

How do I know? Well, along with Marcins Kogut and Chlebowicz, I are Speedriven.

As such, I can tell you that (while a 197 mph Mercedes record is something really special to me and Marcin) people want to see that '200' ... and nothing short of that will win hearts and minds. So, to go get that 200, we're planning to send no less than three twin-turbo V12s to chase that first 200-mph-in-a-standing-mile-in-a-Mercedes-Benz dream.


The 900 + hp SL600 shown above (the current record-holder, at 197.7 mph) features Speedriven's top-mounted water-to-air intercoolers and heat exchanger PKG, as well as a new turbo assembly and ceramic-coated Speedriven manifold leading out to motorsports-style muffler-delete exhaust.


Marcin and I agree that an SL600 isn't normally the kind of car we look at and say 'take out the mufflers'. In this case, though, we were going for maximum power, so it had to be done. When it was done, we were pleasantly surprised, and Marcin said that “the turbos muffle the sound pretty well, and the end result is very aggressive, without sounding 'boy-racer'. For a mile-run or a weekend type of car, the sound is perfect.”

The other two cars we're planing to take down to Texas are a similarly prepared custom-turbo CL65 AMG coupe and black-on-black SL600. With all of Speedriven's new hardware and software tweaks in place, we think we have what it takes to be the first tuners to take a Mercedes-Benz to 200 mph at the Mile.

CLICK HERE to download 8 more high-resolution pics (.zip file).


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