speedriven | s600 + $9000 = 700 hp


In the world of Mercedes-Benz tuning, $9000 American doesn't usually buy you a whole lot. If you're shopping at RENNtech, $9000 will buy you a set of RENNtech wheels, but not tires. Over at Brabus, $9000 will buy you all manner of leather-covered things and some shiny, light-up interior bits, but not quite enough shiny, light-up bits to park your Benz with the cool kids from Quadrophenia. $9000 will also buy you the front half of a Mansory bodykit, assuming you want your Benz to look like a Cylon destroyer.

Here at Speedriven, though, things are different. We don't sell flash wheels, LED dress-up baubles, or questionable body kits. Here at Speedriven, we sell speed.

Keep that in mind when you look at the 2009 S600 up there. Sure, it may not look much different from the other Mercedes down at the Whole Paycheck, but one look under the hood of this Speedriven-prepared S600 is all it takes to see that this big Benz is different.


The Speedriven package fitted to the W221-chassis Mercedes S600 shown here features a polished set of Speedriven's top-mounted water-to-air intercoolers, “scorpion” air intakes, K&N cone filters, and Speedriven's ECU software to manage the extra air density and extra boost. The car also features Speedriven's transmission controller upgrades, allowing the car to handle the extra torque and giving the S600 a more “true” manual mode to hold gears more aggressively while delivering quicker, firmer shifts in “sport” mode (comfort mode retains the S600's usual silkiness).

With all the parts installed, this Speedriven-tuned S600 produces 695 hp and 840 lb-ft of daily-driver torque, which is huge, for a 600.

He(ck), 700 hp and 800 + lb-ft of torque is huge, period. You're not even getting that with the Black Series cars from - and you have to add another zero to the back of Speedriven's $9000 PKG price tag to make up for the difference from a more pedestrian standard AMG.

The cost for all the hardware necessary to replicate this 700 hp S Class is $8800, plus installation. Contact Speedriven for more information. More pics, including dyno figures, at this link.

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